Since 1996, UniLink has served as a vital connection between companies and their trading partners.

In the beginning, we focused on e-invoicing solutions for the construction/building materials industry. Today, our innovative "universal EDI" service model and impeccable reputation have allowed us to provide the benefits of electronic document exchange to new customers of all sizes, in all markets, across the globe.

We are a dedicated company, providing software as a service (SaaS), with electronic document/EDI expertise and an efficient paper-to-electronic conversion model second to none. We deliver productive connectivity faster and for much less than any in-house alternative could hope to offer. 

By establishing strategic partnerships and varied sales channels, we have enjoyed rapid growth and positioned ourselves as a leader in the paperless marketplace.

UniLink is your "One Link" to your company's trading community.

Facing Changes or Disruptions in Your EDI Mapping Tool? How Will You Manage EDI?

ATLANTA, Ga., August 30, 2016 - Do you have a plan ready for when your in-house mapping tool drastically changes or reaches the end of its support life cycle? Your vendor certainly benefits from retiring legacy tools in favor of new products, but moving your company to the replacement system—if it even fits your needs—could present a costly burden to your IT resources. 

The disruption caused by breaking your core trading partner connectivity, combined with the time pressure to find and implement another solution, can put your business in crisis.

UniLink has extensive expertise in providing customers with a fast-deploying alternative to help manage these types of crisis events. As either an interim fix or a long-term solution, our services allow you to remain connected to your trading partner community.

In place of your in-house EDI, the UniLink service automates processing for all purchase orders, invoices, and other transactions between you and your trading partners, regardless of differences in file formats or capabilities. UniLink also eliminates the need to own mapping software.

With our universal EDI, UniLink can ease your migration away from your vendor, offering a timesaving, cost-effective way to keep your trading partner community intact.

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David Humer